Field Partner Nepal Report

We are so pleased to hear that our partners in Nepal, Ashok and Romila and their children (Solomon & Angelina) are safe after a terrifying few days. Please keep them, and all others impacted by the devastation in Nepal in your prayers. This is Ashok's report from the field. 


Dear Supporters,

We are safe up to now. Solomon and Angelina were hungry from yesterday. Me and Romila could not be able to reach home yesterday because of huge earthquake. They had spent night in neighbor's garage with tears and great terror. This evening we have been home but we had no food at home. We spent whole night outside home. Continue earth quake is happening in small and big scale. We are in no situation to be in our house. Damage is huge. Our house damaged and also church building at khokana leprosy colony has been damaged very badly. Our next church at Patan has been destroyed. We have no food, no electricity, no water and internet here.

Some our member have been died. Some of the church building has been collapsed with whole congregation as it had happened huge one first time when church service was going on. We lost some of our church member and they died because of collapsing house where they were. We are collecting number. No mobile phone and telephone so it is being very hard to be in touch with each other.

Almost people of Kathmamdu and surroundings are on road or on open grounds spending day and nights. They have no food and any supplies. If we have no emergency support now we can't be sustained at all. Number of death is very high and the number of injuries is uncountable. We are surrounding by victims. Almost 90% houses in the city and surrounding villages collapsed or very badly damaged. Last night there were common funeral of 1,800 above dead bodies. Hospitals are full of dead bodies and hospital ground is full with injury people. We are in great crisis of food, tent, blankets, and clothes for children, women and men. If we have no support we can’t be sustained.

So, I want to appeal you to pray for us and give us your prayerful supporting hands for emergency supplies as soon as possible. Also I would like to request you to forward this prayer request to all friends, Churches, missions as soon as possible.

I will send you all detail progress later.
Ashok & Romila


ACC International Relief has launched a Humanitarian Relief Appeal to assist those affected by the earthquake in Nepal. We will be working through our partners, such as Ashok & Romila to begin to launch a response to provide humanitarian assistance to many who are affected.

To make a donation to this disaster appeal, click here

(Photo Credit: United Nations Development Programme)