Raise: Mozambique Update

FACEBOOK.pngThe lack of employment opportunities in Mozambique leads many people to start up their own small business to support their families. In many of these small businesses people make very little profit as they sell just a few things, oftentimes food products. In the case of food products, they and their families often end up eating the goods to sell out of necessity, which further limits the profitability of the enterprise. 

In the beginning of this year the Hope Centre had the privilege of helping a child named Ezra. His father was unemployed and had decided to open a business in his own house to help his family. The business was going well and as a precaution, he decided to install an electrical security system to secure his business and home. Every day he made sure that the electrical security system was off in the morning and that it was on at night, carefully doing all that was necessary to maintain safety. 

Tragically, the electrical system malfunctioned one day as he was adjusting it, and he received an electric shock that killed him. His wife was pregnant at the time, and had three other children, one of whom is Ezra. Ezra was only one-and-a half years old when his father died. His mother was unemployed and needed to provide for Ezra, his three sisters and brother. The current pregnancy made the situation even more difficult. She was finding it very hard to simply put food on the table, let alone to provide the clothes and other items needed for school for the older children.

When Hope Centre heard about this family’s situation, their hands were open to help. They provided for little Ezra and supported his family by giving him the balanced food, day care and support needed to grow and develop in a healthy way. The Hope Centre will soon take care of his soon-to-be-born baby brother as well.

Ezra’s family is very grateful for the assistance that Hope Centre is providing, as it has enabled their mother to continue with the business her husband established. She has been supported to continue caring for her children, putting food on the table and providing for their schooling. 

 ACCI Field Worker Robbie Housen founded the Hope Centre for early childhood development four years ago in Beira, Mozambique, with support from Australian donors. Currently, ACCI RAISE Partners provide ongoing support for 120 children and their families who benefit from this program. Through the support of ACCI RAISE Partners, the work of the Hope Centre will continue to benefit many children and families into the future. 

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