Untitled_design_(34).pngWith the launch of the sixth year of ONE DAY, we speak with Ps Gerard Keehan from Globalheart Church about his involvement in the ONE DAY Campaign.

In December last year, Globalheart raised $56,670 for the ONE DAY Campaign, and to date, your church has given more than $150,000 to ONE DAY. It’s a phenomenal contribution - why do you think your church has jumped on board so readily, year after year?

Firstly, we take seriously that Jesus has called his church to practically care for others. We have given the ONE DAY offering clear focus across our services in the lead up to the weekend - ACCI media was so helpful for this. Part of that focus has been to illuminate people to the reality that so many people are suffering and that we as a church are called to do something about it.

Nearly 1 billion people today do not have access to clean water. One in four children are chronically undernourished. As a church we must not turn away. 

As senior pastors, Sue and I are very blessed to lead a responsive church that is growing in understanding of what Jesus says in Matthew 25. This passage explains that it is whatever we do for the LEAST of these (in the estimation of men) - not the upwardly mobile but for the LEAST of these - that we in fact did it for Jesus.

Globalheart Church - there must be something in the name! In what way does your vision extend beyond the walls of your church?

The name change to Globalheart Church was really a response to who we were becoming as each year passed. We have been involved in serving the church in Europe and also Japan for many years. We have also actively sent individuals and teams, including our business people, onto the mission field every year. Of course this serves a purpose of helping others, but it also helps to develop a church in touch with real and pressing needs around the world. Nothing changes a heart more than actual experience.

We believe our city and state are priority but we have a great conviction that there are very large needs that God wants us to be a part of meeting beyond the shores of Australia.

As a Senior Pastor, how do you view your role in supporting and encouraging both overseas missions and also engagement in issues of global concern (poverty, exploitation, and more)?

I see it as a high priority as a senior pastor to inspire, teach and train to financially care for those in greatest need in our world. The world is getting smaller and I believe we have a biblical mandate and responsibility to be active in caring for the poor. When every ACC church gives to ONE DAY and cares for an area of the world our impact together can be truly great! We really can bring change and hope to many people’s lives.

One of the challenges for the church is we have an era like never before in which there are so many books and so much resource about living a great life and being blessed in the future. These things are good, however in reality we are living in blessing right now.

We are 98% ahead of the rest of the world just by being born in Australia. Many are waiting for the day that they are rich and prosperous and then they will begin to give. The reality is we are already there! If I were to write a book on the subject that’s what I would title it - “You’re there!”. I believe I have a responsibility as a senior pastor according to James 1:27 and Matthew 25 to lead myself and my church, to see we have the ability NOW to be of great help to those most in need around the world.



We invite you to take a day out of your year to make a lasting change in someone else’s life. Join with us as we commit ourselves – with finance, effort and prayer – to transforming lives around the world. 

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