THE CAUSE: Children in Families


Another ACCI partner, Children In Families (CIF), is providing essential services to vulnerable children and families. This is an area where government resources are overstretched in trying to meet the many varied needs of different communities. CIF works to equip and strengthen families and communities to provide a nurturing environment for children, through family based care, community development and educational support.

They achieve this through the following program areas:


• Rapid Response Emergency Care: Immediate, safe and temporary care within a family lasting from one day to ninety days.

• Kinship Care: Empowering biological parents and/or extended families to provide long term care for a related child.

• Foster Care: Empowering ordinary local Cambodian families in local communities to provide long term care for one or two non-related children who have been abandoned, orphaned, trafficked, abused or institutionalised.

• Disability Support Program: Empowering families to provide for the optimal health and wellbeing of children with disabilities, maximising each child’s potential and promoting full inclusion and participation in the community now and in the future.

• Education Program: Strengthening and preserving families through removing barriers and improving access to education for children in their local community.

• Community Projects: Strengthening families and their communities by providing hygienic toilets, wells, water filters, and various training.

Recognising the role of regional and national governments in holding key responsibility for social services, CIF partners closely with public agencies, sharing information and resources in their field of expertise.

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