RAISE: Madagascar Update

Although a little late in coming, everyone in Madagascar wishes to send their Easter greetings to you, their faithful sponsors, for whom they are incredibly grateful. We all so appreciate your continued support and generosity.

Over the Easter break, it was a great time for teachers and students to rest after an exceptional first term of hard work and effort by all.

With the self-paced learning implemented in the CLCs, students are expected to continually assess their progress and the staff have seen marked improvement in many students who are striving academically and motivating themselves to learn. The teachers have staff, the team feel confident they will be able to address issues and approach social interaction proactively and positively.

Outside of the CLC challenges, there are economic and environmental hardships facing those in Antananarivo at present. Clean up is still underway from floods that occurred earlier in the year, power shortages are a daily occurrence and food and coal supplies are extremely limited.

Despite these and many more challenges faced by our Malagasy students and staff, their joy, resilience and commitment to the future of their nation is outstanding. Students are growing in a healthy and sufficient manner for their betterment, their families’ benefit and for the prosperity of the nation of Madagascar. And you, our sponsors, are being a part of their future in such an active way - thank you!

 Project Madagascar’s education centres provide education to over 200 children from some of the poorest suburbs of the capital city, Antananarivo. Project Madagascar’s unique culturally sensitive, self-paced curriculum, taught in three languages, has been very successful and the students have been consistently outperforming all expectations. Through the support of ACCI RAISE Partners, the work of Project Madagascar will continue to benefit many children into the future.

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