Cyril & Evelyn Westbrook

2.pngACCI Mission's longest serving missionaries, Cyril and Evelyn Westbrook were honoured in Papua New Guinea earlier in November with the British Empire Medal for Service to the Church and Community in Papua New Guinea. This British Empire medal has now been renamed to be the "Order of Logohu" (which means Bird of Paradise) and even though the name has been changed, the medal still has the crown on the medal.

Cyril and Evelyn faithfully served in PNG for 42 years (1950 - 1992) and are still active in ministry in so many ways.

Congratulations to Cyril and Evelyn on this prestigious recognition. They truly are heroes of the faith. 



Ps Cyril and Evelyn Westbrook with the PNG Acting Governer General


Ps Cyril Westbrook's medal awarded in PNG, November 2015


Ps Cyril Westbrook receives the British Empire Medal for service to the church and community in PNG