ONEDAY visits Vietnam

Untitled_design_(63).png6 YEARS


For the past 6 years, AOG World Relief in Vietnam, have hosted the ONE DAY Campaign. What started as a team effort in their office back in 2010, has since become a yearly event. This year 129 participants were hosted and momentum continues to grow!

Each one who comes is passionate and committed to the powerful concept of giving one day's salary in order to change someone else's world.

The team at AOG World Relief shares,

'It is hard to put into words the emotion we feel as each one lines up to give from their small monthly salary, one day's wage, so that an unknown person, family or village can have a better life, a destiny fulfilled or a life saving operation in a country other than their own.

'Together, we can do so much more.

'Together, we can change someone's world outside our own.'

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