FROM THE FIELD: Little Lambs Daycare Centre

Untitled_design.pngWe love receiving updates from our missionaries from all around the globe! 

Deb Kneale is currently working for Mothers Heart, a pregnancy crisis centre, established by ACCI fieldworkers Paul and Katrina Gliddon. Deb’s role involves training and mentoring Khmer Childcare workers at Little Lambs Daycare. This centre operates to provide a childcare service to single mothers in the Mothers Heart program, so that they are able to work to provide for themselves and their child. This enables mothers to leave their children in a safe, loving and stimulating environment while they attend work.

We hope you enjoy reading Deb's latest update as much as we did!

Over the past month the staff and children at Little Lambs have been doing well. Some of our older children have started to learn the alphabet in Khmer and in English so that they will be prepared for entering school in the next couple of years. We are also continuing to search for a new premises to rent for our daycare centre as we now require a larger area and our lease runs out early next year. Please pray that we would find the right place to rent.



At Little Lambs Daycare we pray with the children each day and say grace before we eat. It was wonderful when one mother told me that her 2 year old son knows how to pray at home, with the only word being audible the amen at the end. This started a conversation with the mother about prayer. She had recently heard of a new church plant that had started near her house, which my Khmer staff supervisor had been attending. So my Khmer staff supervisor and I went with her one Sunday. She is now attending the church regularly. One of the staff at the daycare centre and her whole family have also recently become Christians and they are also attending the same church.

At the daycare we are looking forward to celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. 

Thank you everyone for all your prayers and support it is greatly appreciated.

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