THE CAUSE: Have They Heard?

blog4square.pngChurch Growth in Manila, Philippines

ACCI Strategic Partners, Mark and Christine Pedder, oversee an incredible work in Manila, Philippines. In the midst of urban slums where families experience extreme poverty in unimaginably difficult environments, they are successfully planting and pastoring churches together with local leaders.

Baseco Slum is the area in which Mark and Chris live and work. The Baseco Church has grown in strength and in numbers, and church members are now reaching out to surrounding areas. A second church in Fairview, a nearby slum area, has been planted, a third in Don Bosco and just recently Mark has started outreach in yet another community, Parola.

Parola is a big urban slum, divided by roads and large walls. It is filled with skinny walkways, and houses are stacked on one another and built over the walkways, turning them into dark and dingy tunnels through the neighbourhood.



On one of his first visits to the area, Mark found a young boy, 8 years old with severely burnt legs. Mark started visiting close to daily, providing much-needed burns cream and treatment. Daily treatment for an injury like this costs around 6 times what the young boy’s parents could earn in one day. It is beyond reach for them, and a huge blessing that the Pedder’s ministry has been able to assist with this.

Many more connections within Parola are being built through these regular visits. Acts 10:38 describes how Jesus went around doing good. This is Mark and Christine’s approach to ministry, for both new and existing works in the Philippines. Through their work in Baseco and Fairview they have seen many salvations and healings, and many leaders raised up who are passionate about sharing the gospel.