NEPAL UPDATE: March 2016


Aim: To help Anandaban Hospital continue to serve as the leading leprosy hospital in Nepal as well as excel in providing general and emergency services to people due to in-house availability of key staff.

TLMN’s Anandaban Hospital, located in Lalitpur district, provides high quality leprosy as well as general medical services to the people of Nepal. The services provided at Anandaban are absolutely vital as it is the only specialist hospital in Nepal that provides leprosy reconstructive surgery. It also serves the local community as the only hospital in the south of Lalitpur.

42 health facilities in total were damaged in the 2015 earthquakes, disrupting health service provision in Lalitpur district. Despite, the damages that Anandaban suffered itself, it has been a key player (and recognized by the Government of Nepal) in post earthquake injury treatment and rehabilitation. 

ACCIR have provided funds to support the reconstruction work of the buildings at Anandaban hospital. The earthquakes destroyed or badly damaged many of the hospitals building including 5 staff quarters. This has affected the daily lives of valuable staff and their family members including the Medical Director, Matron, Administrator and nurses who all have been involved in providing services to the people needing emergency treatment after the earthquakes. It is vital to have these buildings so that the staff can continue providing services to patients as well as cater to the influx of people needing immediate medical care by living at hospital premise. The staff and their families have currently been living the training facility on the hospital property which has lead to valuable training programs being cancelled.

Unfortunately political turmoil and a blockade at the border of India during the second half of 2015 greatly delayed rebuilding work throughout Nepal including this projects. The project has completed all the plans and have submitted them for municipality approval. They plan to receive this approval soon and begin construction on the first week of May.



As winter approached many families affected by the earthquake where faced with the harsh reality of having to survive  the cold Nepalese winter in makeshift accommodation made of tin or plastic sheeting. Through our partner, Ps Ashok, blankets were distributed to 600 families in Kuave District. This district was very seriously impacted by the earthquake with many families losing their homes, businesses and livestock.


Next Generation Nepal’s Community Anti-trafficking project continues to operate in Sindhupalchowk district to prevent the trafficking of children from villages significantly affected by the earthquake and left vulnerable to family separation.

Since the earthquake, the project has established 11 child-friendly spaces that have supported 1390 children to protect children against trafficking. Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) continue to operate providing safe havens for children and areas where child protection issues can be identified and assistance provided to at risk families. CFS’s continue to be used as temporary schools in areas where education has been disrupted due to infrastructural damage.

Monitors also continue to be posted at 2 major highway check points to stop and check vehicles for unaccompanied children or children travelling without their parents and the correct paper work in order to stop the trafficking of children. 51 at-risk children have been identified and reunited with their families. Many of these cases are now being put to the courts and those responsible charged with trafficking offenses.

Their community awareness and sensitisation program has reached over 43,000 families in earthquake-affected areas to warn them about the dangers of trafficking and the importance of family preservation.

NGN plans to continue running the anti-trafficking projects in the area for as long as they feel there is a need.


Nepal's earthquake-affected villages have been filled with posters like this one warning families not to be deceived by traffickers. 


These parents in Sindhupalchowk spoke recently about NGN’s post-earthquake project. “Because of your child friendly space and awareness campaigns, every family in this village has kept their children with them”, one mother told us. Family by family the project is stopping child traffickers!