Missional Business, Training & Leadership Development in SE Asia

Untitled_design_(4).jpgPaul and Kim work for a missional business that operates as a professional education centre in SE Asia, teaching English language, vocational skills and Christian leadership. The main focus of this school is to train both men and women to get into the workplace and to become active leaders in their communities and churches, bringing fullness of life to the people of this region.

The school serves both educated urban people and rural young people. Each year students are screened and accepted for one or two years of vocational training in baking or housekeeping. Through living in community, classroom and practical training, and daily work experience, these students are nurtured in their life and faith so that they in turn may support and impact others. Many of the students are from believing families, and embrace the opportunity to receive discipleship and Christian leadership skills before returning to their home communities and churches. Beyond purely vocational skills, students also learn life skills that will help them to thrive in a rapidly changing society. They are taught budgeting, time management, work ethics, coping with change and other skills essential for success.

Following their period of training and their graduation, employment opportunities are sought for students to ensure they get off to a great start.

A major project in 2014 involved building and adding a cafe to the school facility in which to sell the bakery items made by students. This has become a great area for hands-on training and employment for past and present students, and is also a welcome addition to the local community with a good number of regular customers.

Vocational training in baking and housekeeping allows these young men and women to thrive in various rural and urban locations, earning viable income through this skill, and obtaining fair engagement within the formal labour market. Furthermore, the training program is strengthening the national church throughout the region as young people are released with vocational skills, lifeskills and strong leadership qualities for ministry.