A Community Coming Together...

Untitled_design_(17).jpgProject Madagascar continues to provide quality education to over 200 children from some of the poorest suburbs in Madagascar’s capital city, Antananarivo – because every child should have the opportunity to learn, grow and develop skills to enable them to reach their full potential. This project, which is an ACCI RAISE initiative not only provides education and life-skills for young students, but impacts their families and the surrounding communities.

They've seen this as the Parents’ Association continues grow with more parents taking ownership over the work of Project Madagascar’s Centres (CLCs) and their children’s education. The Parent’s Association has been especially active in the last few months in assisting with internal classroom maintenance and organising a fundraising event for continued improvement to the CLCs. 

At CLC Itaosy, a concert was organised to raise funds to fix the main entrance road which is quite inaccessible during the monsoon season.  4,000,000 ariary was collected (equivalent to $1600AUD) for the task and local tradesmen were hired to start the work.

Ben, one of our senior staff on the ground in Madagascar was so encouraged by their efforts, saying, "The sense of community brought people closer, not only with education matters but also with construction."

More construction is still required to finish the project, and so the Parents' Association are already planning more activities and events to raise the funds.

This is what RAISE is all about: seeing both children and their families passionate about seeing real change in their communities and equipped to make it happen!

We are also seeing more community impact in the area of cleanliness.  Many families neglect hygiene, because the simple act of surviving is more important. The life-skills taught and demonstrated by our CLCs are helping educate the local community on caring for their families, preventing sickness and promoting health. 

One of the families this has impacted is an extremely poor family who lives off zebu breeding and milk sales.  Previously where the family would have only maintained a very basic level of care for the livestock, they are now clearing straw and manure away by the end of the day instead of leaving the area dirty.

What a privilege it is to be part of a project that has such a broad scope of influence and impact. It not only impacts the children within the doors of our CLCs, but also their families and communities!