KINNECTED: What is Kinnected?


Develop family-based alternative care such as kinship care and foster options for children who require out-of-parental care

Provide high quality short-term care as a last resort and temporary option in cases where family based care is not in the best interests of certain children

Assist long-term residential care programs to undergo deinstitutionalisation, which is the process of closing down long-term residential care programs and developing alternate community-based services for families and children

Develop reintegration and reunification programs to assist children in residential care to reintegrate back into their communities and be reunited with their families (in cases where it is appropriate)

Develop child-centred community development programs that assist whole communities to meet the needs of their own children

The United Nations estimates that up to 8 million children around the world are living in residential care institutions. 80% of these children have families, and are in residential care for reasons of poverty. With little resource being directed to help families stay together, desperate parents often have no choice but to put their children in an orphanage in order to ensure that they receive adequate food, clothing and an education.

Kinnected is an ACCI Relief run program, which seeks to preserve and strengthen families and assist children currently living in residential care to achieve their right to be raised in a family. ACCI Relief believes that the family is the best place for the holistic development and care of a child.