How to Change a Nation

Harts_Graduation_Photo.jpgGreg and Kim Hart see strong life-giving churches as the key to transforming the nation of Mozambique. In fact, Greg says “a strong nation starts with a strong church”. But for churches in Mozambique to be all that they are called to be, it’s essential for pastors and leaders to have a solid foundation in leadership, discipleship and the Word. And that’s been something Greg and Kim have passionately pursued over the past 10 years, as they’ve led countless local church pastors and leaders, church planters and denominational leaders through ministry training.

Greg says before taking part in their training – which is delivered via audio format due to high illiteracy in Mozambique – many pastors would have simply preached from their own experiences.

“A church would be lucky to get a 15-minute sermon and the sermon is just about the pastor’s life rather than Biblical principles. We teach them how to find a sermon, preach a sermon and disciple people.”

The Hart’s focus is also on bringing unity across Mozambique’s churches and ensuring correct doctrine is being taught. Greg says Mozambique is “the land of the church split”, with many different types of churches operating, resulting in much division within communities. The Harts saw an opportunity to help these churches find common ground, which in turn helps build stronger communities.

In 2017, however, the Harts are changing their ministry strategy from supporting church leaders through leadership training to actually pioneering their own church in neighbouring Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. As Greg explains,

“We work with the government and we work with the churches, and we find that a lot of what we do gets undone by the capital so we really feel the need to go and influence the capital so we can influence the nation ... We [also] realised we need to have more long-term input into people … Our focus will be building a church that influences other churches from its foundation."