1Day to Change the World


It’s a simple idea with a powerful and lasting impact: give one day’s salary to help improve the lives of the world’s poorest people.

This year, a record number of individuals and churches will take part in the growing 1Day movement, choosing to sacrificially give of their own resource so that people in need may begin to see increase in theirs.

As Enjoy Church Senior Pastor Shane Baxter explains, it’s also an opportunity for the Church to follow Christ’s lead by giving in such a way that it truly costs us something.

Why does Enjoy Church choose to support the 1Day offering?

Enjoy chooses to partner with ACCI in the 1Day offering because it allows us to do something that we would not be able to do by ourselves. We are reaching into communities that we wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise and we’re actually being a great blessing to people we may never meet. Enjoy already does many things around the world – we’ve got many initiatives happening –  but this is an opportunity which really adds to our greater vision and the greater reach that we are able to have as a local church.

It also allows our people, and shows our people, that our ministry work is not just about ourselves but it’s about helping others.

How does taking part in the offering positively impact the members of your congregation?

No doubt it is close to the hearts of many of our people because many of them come from parts of the world that are very challenged in many different ways. In fact, we have over 100 nationalities represented at Enjoy. As a church, we stand with each other week in, week out and we pray for each other’s families around the world, so when we come to take up this offering, we know the significance of what we’re doing together.

How do you present the concept of 1Day giving to your church each year?

For us to partner with ACCI in the 1Day offering is just an incredible opportunity. It’s not a small part of our yearly calendar; in fact, we choose to take up our offering at Easter because we get to talk about the one who gave the most – of course that is Jesus. Even God the Father in sending His one and only Son didn’t withhold anything that might help save others.

So, we take this opportunity to talk about the sacrificial nature of God and we come before the congregation and say, ‘okay, we’re about to go into a time of Easter celebration. We are in a great nation, we are a blessed nation and there’s just going to be overflow over our Easter; why don’t we take this overflow and release it into the nations of the world?’

What would you say to other pastors or leaders who might be considering introducing 1Day to their church?

I would encourage you to just do it. It will bless you; it will bless your congregation. I can honestly say, our missions giving has only gone up since we started partnering with ACCI, specifically for this 1Day offering.


Click the link to find out more about 1Day and how you can be involved!