Sri Lanka Update

ATKINSON_PHOTO.JPGIn today's blog we hear from Alison and Narel Atkinson (pictured with their 3 children) who are Field Workers serving in Sri Lanka. Inspired by women's conferences Alison has attended in Australia, Alison has seen her dream realised to start a National Women's Conference in Sri Lanka to minister to women from all over the country. Here she shares with us the journey of Alokaya Women's Conference.


Over the years I have had the wonderful opportunity to attend many of Hillsong’s Colour Conferences in Sydney. My life has been changed and empowered through the incredible guest speakers as they share the Father’s Heart. It was during one of these conferences, I clearly felt a real burden for the women of Sri Lanka. 

I would love to bring them all to Colour Conference but I knew that was impossible, so the next best thing would be to host our own conference in Sri Lanka, bring in anointed guest speakers and allow God to speak to our women and empower them. In 2012 ‘Alokaya Women’s Conference’ was birthed. We held our first Conference in Colombo with Guest Speaker Ps Rachel Mawston. The theme was “Let your Light Shine”. God’s presence was incredible and lives of women changed forever.

In 2013 we held the Alokaya Women’s Conference in the East of Sri Lanka with over 700 women. Our guest speakers were Ps Robyn Patterson and Ps Siobhan Hewson from Australia. The theme was “Walk in the Spirit”. These were incredible meetings as the Holy Spirit ministered to all these beautiful women. The testimonies of the women were amazing and we just knew God was doing a wonderful thing.

Now, in 2015 Alokaya Women’s Conference will be held once again in the East and in Colombo. Two ‘One Day’ Conferences. The theme of this conference will be “In His Presence”. Our speakers once again will be Ps Robyn Patterson and Ps Siobhan Hewson from Australia. We are expecting a total of 800 women to attend these two conferences. Many of the women who attend our Alokaya Conference don’t have access to the Internet, Christian bookshops or other conferences just for women. This conference will make a difference in their lives.

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