Ps Alun Davies Directors Report - April 2015

psalunsml.jpgWe are very excited to report at this conference on the significant progress we have seen at ACCI over the last two years. Our influence and fruitfulness continue to grow and the last 24 months have resulted in amazing achievements. This report will show you just how effective your fellowship’s missions ministry has been and I hope it will inspire and encourage you. Together, we are changing lives. 

Field Worker Achievements

Our missions and relief teams minister in 43 countries around the world, through strong local partnerships, vital development projects and effective evangelism. Our incredible field workers have accomplished highly impacting results; over the past 2 years they have seen: 

  • 271 Churches planted
  • 22,156 Salvations
  • 2,228 Water Baptisms
  • 3,422 Baptism in Holy Spirit
  • 12,318 Indigenous Leaders Trained
  • 55,047 Children Assisted
  • 257,663 Beneficiaries of Development Projects

Field Worker Sending Capacity

During the last two year period we have focused on an essential aspect of our vision to increase the number of people we place on the field. This prayerful focus has resulted in growth of Career and Fixed-Term field workers by an increase of 39 people, and we have now reached a total of 192 field workers in early 2015.

Our goal is to see further growth to a total of 300 field workers placed in ministry over coming years. This will greatly increase our capacity and fruitfulness in every area of our missions and relief work.

This increase is only possible because so many of our churches have given financial support to these new field workers. The vision and generosity of our pastors has enabled the fruitfulness of our fellowship in missions to significantly increase.

oneday-hex.jpgOne Day Campaign

One Day continues to have a great impact. We have now reached a total of $1.63 million given since we commenced One Day five years ago. These funds have been raised each year through the participation of about 140 churches. One Day funds are distributed immediately to pre-prepared projects designed by our teams to have immediate and lasting fruitfulness. Much has been achieved over the past two years through the One Day campaign - highlights include:

  • The recruitment and training of 9 new Clean Water Technicians to work in multiple villages in Laos.
  • An extension of a bible training program in Mozambique to expand the level of education offered up to BA level, and to meet requirements for national government accreditation.
  • Training intensives and regular coaching for church planters in Sri Lanka. 

One Life Partners

Our One Life Partners are vital to our ministry and I want to thank them for their faithful generosity. Because of their regular support we are able to;

  • Provide highly effective, passionate and experienced staff at our operations center.
  • Enlist and prepare new field workers to move overseas. In 2013 & 2014 39 new individuals have been sent through ACCI as career or fixed term Field Workers.
  • Provide effective media to churches and filming and media services to our Field Workers. This enables national promotion of the cause of missions within our movement.
  • Engage with professional missions organisations and improve our recognition in the field.


The Pan Asia conference continues to be a powerful means of encouraging and informing leaders about the latest developments in missions. Each year, hundreds gather in Thailand to better connect with and celebrate the work of our 170+ missionaries living abroad. During the last two events we have seen a total of 525 people attend including key national leaders, pastors, missions directors, future missionaries, passionate people from local churches and of course our inspiring field workers.

We have also initiated a Melbourne-based event - the One World Forum - in the alternate year to the ACC National Conference to provide a discussion-based environment for pastors and missions leaders. In 2014, this sold-out event focused on how local churches can promote justice & equality through their overseas missions and relief activities. We look forward to adding further value by providing more opportunities for discussion and learning into the future. 

Our Future Ahead

We have a strong vision for the next two years and beyond. We are praying that we will see a significant increase in the number of workers toward our immediate goal of 200. We are highly committed to continue to plant churches, train leaders, facilitate community development and assist our field workers to demonstrate the love of God through their various ministries.

I continue to passionately believe that our fellowship has a significant purpose in the plan of God to reach the world. His purpose has not changed and we are committed to helping fulfill His Great Commission to go and to send. By the grace of God and with your help and support we will continue to be a powerful and effective influence in our world and see great fruit together.

Alun Davies 

ACCI Missions Director