Can I limit my church's exposure to these standards?

Yes, in fact there is one particular way that you can significantly reduce exposure. The External Conduct Standards do not apply to your church's overseas missions’ activities when they are carried out through another ACNC registered charity. This is because it will be the other ACNC registered charity, that will have their own obligation to comply with the External Conduct Standards.

For example, if your church supports an overseas missionary through ACCI Missions, then your church does not need to comply with the External Conduct Standards in regard to this particular overseas activity. ACCI Missions, as an ACNC registered charity, is already responsible for complying with the External Conduct Standards in relation to our missionaries and our project partners. You can view our ACNC External Conduct Standards Compliance Declaration here.

You will still need to comply with the ACNC Governance Standards in regard to any organisation that you donate funds to, and the External Conduct Standards for the management of funds sent for overseas activities. However, it is possible for you to significantly reduce your church's exposure.