What will the ACNC expect from my church?

The ACNC does not prescribe what a charity must do to meet these External Conduct Standards. Each church will need to decide what is appropriate based on the circumstances of their own overseas missions’ program. The sorts of factors they would need to consider include:

  • the nature, scale and complexity of the church’s overseas activities and funding;
  • the size and the number of staff and volunteers;
  • the locations in which it operates;
  • the church's level of knowledge and experience in managing similar projects or activities;
  • the involvement of third-party organisations in these activities and their particular circumstances;
  • the effectiveness of current policies and procedures that govern its activities or funding; and
  • any issues or difficulties it has experienced with previous overseas activities or funding.

The ACNC also expects a church to have considered the risks associated with its overseas activities and funding. This means that the reasonable steps that a church must take, and the reasonable procedures it must have in place, will depend on both its particular circumstances and the associated risks involved.

A large charity with operations in several countries and formal partnerships with several overseas third parties will likely need to do more to comply with the External Conduct Standards than a small charity providing a small amount of funding to one low-risk overseas activity.